Mission Statement

Just a decade ago, making a dialogue with Siri on iPhone, looking the world through the lens of VR, and riding an unmanned vehicle seem unimaginable.

Today, there are no longer imaginations, but established realities. In today’s information age, art & design are no longer restricted to the traditional forms of painting, sculpture, or installation. They take the embodiment of products and information, infiltrating in all aspects of life. In fact, art & design have become inevitable in every single field and industry. In today’s art & design education, simple technique training, and backward concepts have been long abandoned by the design industries and renowned art institutions.

Foresight Academy is a Vancouver based Pre-College Art & Design Education Center. We offer unique programs to talented art students, serving as a bridge between the local student market and America/Europe’s most competitive Art & Design colleges. The critical distinction between Foresight Academy and other art & design institutions lies in our innovative and foresighted teaching philosophy and the profound understanding of the design industry. We don’t focus on techniques, but ideas. We embrace creativity and innovation, encouraging students to explore and step out of their comfort zones. We also ask them to reconsider their social responsibility as artists & designers.

Foresight Academy integrates global education resources to provide the best platforms for our students. When building our curriculum, we underwent in-depth discussions with professors and deans from some of the world’s most renowned design institutions. We developed 15 modules that are fully in track with today’s industry demands. Our faculty and guest speakers are entirely comprised of practicing designers, artists, and educators. Some have established themselves in platforms such as Forbes, Vogue, and the New York Times. They provide a high level of professional expertise, first-hand industry experience, and personal guidance to each student.

Foresight Academy takes a one-on-one mentoring approach, working with students interested in art & design. Through our unique philosophy and strong faculty resources, we help them enroll the most prestigious art schools in the world.