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What We Do

Vancouver based Art & Design Education Center. We serve as a bridge between talents art students and the most prestigious art & design schools around the world.​


Guest faculty

David Mocarski

David Mocarski

Director of Arkkit Forms Design

Steven Faerm

Steven Faerm

Professors at Parsons

Clara Lieu

Clara Lieu

Critic at RISD

permanent faculty

Digbejoy Chosh

Digbejoy Ghosh

Former Art Director at Magnetar Games

Jay Senetchko

Jay Senetchko

Vancouver Film School Professor (18 years)

Josephine Mark

Josephine Mark

Animator and Design Generalist at DHX Media

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World-Class Education Resource

Foresight Academy integrates global education resources. Our permanent faculty and guest instruction team are entirely comprised of practicing designers and educators. They offer students first-hand insights through a profound understanding of the design industries, along with their professional expertise. In Foresight Academy, we are committed to nurture the next generation of creative design thinkers.

Unique Curriculum

Our 15 module curriculum was built through in-depth discussions with deans and professors from a number of renowned art and design institutions. We also offer unique educational opportunities through collaborative programs with world-class art institutions.